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by Byron on December 3, 2020

Decker has said two really funny things in the past week that I wanted to memorialize.

1.) When we were at the beach for covid/quarantine Thanksgiving, Gibson, upstairs, screamed for Mommy to do something for him.  Decker and I were downstairs.  I looked at Deck who said to me, “Classic Gibson.”

2.) Last night, in bed at bedtime, I asked Decker to fold his hands so we could meditate for a minute.  I closed my eyes.  I opened them to Decker clapping his hands lightly with his eyes open.  I said, “What are you doing?”  He responded, with a smile, “I’m not doing your nonsense.”

These may not seem like big things, but watching your own child who you knew when they couldn’t muster a word, be hilarious, is incredible.  A true joy.

Also, I realize I haven’t written here since July.  It’s been a crazy, crazy year.  Not a “crazy year” like people always say when they look back on a time they realize moved pretty fast and introduced a bunch of change.  Crazy like, holy-shit-we-don’t-leave-our house, when-was-the-last-time-we-actually hugged-someone, is-48-degrees-too-cold-to-eat-outside, is-school-actually-at-school-today, completely fucking crazy, crazy.

We came home from the beach at the very end of August and McDonogh was actually able to get you guys in school up until a week ago.  With masks everyday, and social distancing as much as you can socially distance lower schoolers, but still in person.  A real blessing.  2nd grade and Pre-First are both awesome so far!

Despite the chaos, Donald Trump lost the election and it appears as though he’s actually leaving without a real or credible fight.

Your baby cousin Cleo was born!  She is doing really, really well.  We’ve only gotten to see her once because of COVID.

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