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Busy Sports Schedules and a New House

by Byron on April 17, 2021


You are both loving sports.  We play nearly every day.  We play football on the field next to the tennis courts.  We’ve started playing baseball catch on that field.  I really love that time we get together.  And you guys are becoming very athletic.

You guys have tennis lessons on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.  You guys usually share the lesson with coach Terrance, but Gibby has been complaining that he doesn’t want to play.  So Gibby has been on a break for the last week.  He may come back next week he says.  Deck has been absolutely crushing tennis.

Gibson just scored his first touchdown in flag football this morning.  Decker had his first interception last week.  Deck wanted to do tennis, football, and baseball on Saturdays.  Crazy busy day.  Gibby chose football because for his age all three were at the same time.  We’ve been getting lunch at THB in Timonium on Saturdays which you guys (especially Decker) love.

This past Tuesday was a really special day for Decker’s athletic career.  It was the first real baseball game.  Decker was 4-4 with an RBI and two runs scored.  And Deck had a great play at shortstop.  Decker, you were incredibly happy.  Gibson spent the time making friends with a bunch of younger siblings.

A New House?

We’ve talked for awhile about moving one day.  A bigger house with a bigger yard that’s really our own.

The house we live in is plenty big for us.  We’re comfortable here and I think we’re all very happy here.  Carlin and Violet and Zoner (Deck’s fish) and Coco (Gib’s fish) and even Junk Mackemole are or were all happy here too.  But we drove by a house that I liked online and you guys were both pretty enthralled with the huge yard.  Gibson, you said that if we moved there we could get a Bernese Mountain Dog.  I think you both saw a potential vision in that yard.

That’s how life works.  You literally picture a future and make that future happen.  I’d never been super motivated to move and have you guys have a bigger house or a bigger yard until we saw the house yesterday.  I’m pretty motivated now!

We’re not really post-pandemic yet, but the end does seem in sight.  A lot of people have been vaccinated at this point.  I had COVID in February.  I was lucky not to have it bad, though I did lose my sense of smell for about three weeks.

Gibson has taken to saying “CO-VID Nine-teen” in the thickest Baltimore accent he can muster.  It’s hilarious.  He also provides greetings with an Irish accent.

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