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Hey Guys, What If…

by Byron on July 14, 2020

What if
There’s no heaven.
There’s no hell.
Your religion is just a connection with people and the stories are just that- stories.
What if
There’s nothing to save you.
If just you, those you love, those who love you.
What if
You are just an organic computer.
Your chemicals help you be happy or unhappy or harried or calm.
Your flesh is just some casing for your chemicals.
What if
The only thing you leave behind besides the nutrients is what you did for others.
How you made them feel.
What if
The whole point is there is no whole point.
There is no God, at least not how you thought of God.
There is no key to unlock that door.
What if
It doesn’t matter.
It’s enough.
You’re enough.
What if
Everything above was true, and there was still so much love.
What if
You had been dropped into an ocean of love.
You were swimming in it everyday.  Everywhere.
What if
Your only job was not to forget the love.
Help others see the love, feel the love.
Return the love.

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