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After Too Long of a Break

by Byron on January 2, 2020


I’m sitting in a Starbucks after having just argued in the Court of Special Appeals.  I got my ass handed to me!!  Or, at least, it felt like I did.  I was sure the case was a winner, but it felt as though the judges may not agree.  But like I tell you boys all the time, the only way you lose is stop playing.  I’ll keep going, as I always do.

The reason I’m in a Starbucks is because I said I will not go back to the office today until I’ve have written to you guys, as I used to do all the time.  This past year I got out of the habit, which is upsetting to me.  Being a father to you guys is my most important job by far and writing about life and our history is part of it.

This past year has been tremendous!  Here’s what I wrote in the annual picture books:

“What a year!!  So much to be grateful for!  Violet came into the family.  We went to the beach for a month.  We bought a beach house.  Decker made huge progress at McDonogh.  Gibson started kindergarten.  We took tennis lessons and swimming lessons and wrestling and karate.  We went to parties and had parties and made new friends.  We practiced being kind everyday.  Grandpa had an end of the year setback, but we’re so hopeful for a comeback.  So much to be grateful for and so much to look forward to.  A life so full!”

Gibson, you turned five this past year; you had your birthday party at Irvine Nature Center.  Decker, you turned seven and had your birthday party at Monster Mini Golf.

One of the best things that was said to me this year was Decker saying,

“I let Gibson play with my stuff and go on my bed now.  You know why?  Because now I know that people are more important than stuff.  You know how I know?  Because you taught me that.”

Wow, did I love that!  That was said a few months ago.  Just last night, Gibson, you slept in Decker’s bed.  (You guys get to do fun stuff like stay up late and have sleepovers because you are on winter break.)

Gibson, you call the back of your knee “my kneepit.”  LOL, best ever!!

Gents- in this coming year – 2020 – I will write much much more.  I will write on the blog and perhaps try to synthesize my thoughts into a book that is easy to read.

Love you,


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