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June 2019

by Byron on July 3, 2019


A couple of big themes I’d like to say more about soon…


  • Take care of your mental health.  Our society doesn’t value mental health the way it should.  It’s getting better, but it’s not there yet.  It’s imperative that you guys value your own mental health and learn how to monitor it and learn how to improve it when it needs improvement.  This can take the form of meditation, exercise, playing sports, doing what you love or are passionate about, etc.  I recommend reading This is Water by David Foster Wallace.
  • To the extent possible, having your work and your life moved along by that which inspires you is a great way to live. Whatever inspires you, whatever makes you feel the soul of everything/the soul of all life is something that can be followed.  Living in this inspiration is incredible.  I think this is why people gravitate towards music and the arts – if not as a producer/performer, but as a consumer.  I think it’s part of why people run and work out.  It’s why some people seek out certain kinds of work.



Decker, in the spring, you were diagnosed with ADHD and started on a Ritalin like medication.  We agonized with the decision, but ultimately did it because we, and all the doctors and educators, believe it’s best for your well being long-term.  So far, the results have been incredibly positive.


You opened your first bank account in May.  I said that if you put in $300, I’d give you another $300.  You had $400.  You asked if you put in all $400 would I give you $400 to match.  I said yes, so you did.  Genius!  Seems basic but it’s not for many people.  Certainly not for a 6 year old!  After that we went grocery shopping.  Later in the evening, when I was putting you to bed, I asked what the best part of your day was.  You said the grocery store.  Then you said, “Well, basically, all the you time.”


Gibson, you continue to be easy going.  Generally, when I ask you if you will do something, your answer is, “Yeah, sure.”  But the “sure” is somewhat high-pitched and sounds like, “Shawr.”  It’s the best.  You turned 5 this month.  We had an awesome time celebrating at school and then with your friends and our family at Irvine Nature Center.


You guys are both in camp.  You did the first three weeks at Coppermine, then moved on to BT.  We’re going to the beach for a month again this year.  Super excited.  Our hermit crab from last year, sometimes known as Hermy, sometimes known as Junk Macamole, is somehow still alive.  WTF!  He might have to come back to the beach with us.


It’s been about a year since we lost Carlin.  We have just decided to get a new dog in the fall.


A little Decker tidbit: Deck- you told Aunt Michelle that Ellie was going to be a great Mom.  That warms a mother’s heart about her daughter!!  She said, “Thanks Deck, you’re going to be a great Dad.”  You responded by saying, “Well, I might not have time for a family because since I’m going to be an astronaut, I’m going to be in space a lot!”


A little Gibby tidbit: Lately, whenever you saying a list or group of things, you end it with, “And those kind of things,” which comes out, “Those kind of sings” because you are still working on that TH sound.  So I say, “What did you eat for lunch?”  You say, “Hot dog, ketchup, an apple, and those kind of sings.”  It’s the best!  Also, you are sleeping with a mountain of lovies lately.  A non-complete list of their names:  “Big Bunny” (bigger than you), “Brown Bear” (almost as big as you), and “Big Fat Baby” (a large, round figure with a face that was won on the boardwalk).


Keep growing into yourselves everyday.  You guys are awesome!!




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