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Catches and Throws!

by Byron on March 10, 2019


We play three different games at night.  “The head game,” “divers,” and “Catches and Throws.”

Catches and Throws: You guys stand by Mom and Dad’s bathroom and I throw various balls to you from across the bedroom.  If you Catch them, you run at me I grab you and Throw you onto the bed.  You guys love it.  You will be too big for it relatively soon, at which point my lower back will be quite pleased and my spirit will be a little crushed.

Divers: I throw various balls onto the bed and you try to dive onto the bed and catch them.  If you catch the throw, you charge into me while I’m holding a pillow.  I then launch you onto the bed.  While you try to get up, I try to knock you down again with the pillow.  When I do, I scream “Pancake!!”  You guys love it.

The Head Game: This one is a little insane.  We each have a soft nerf type ball.  We turn off the big lights in Mom and my room and turn on the weird “under the sea” light.  You guys try to hit me in the head with the ball, I try to hit you guys in the head with the ball.  Only catch is my throws have to hit the wall first, yours don’t.  As with everything, you guys are a team against me.  You guys win a lot!

Love you guys!



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