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Finding Meaning in Life

by Byron on February 16, 2020


Occasionally, if your brain is wired a certain way, you get to thinking about the meaning of life.  And occasionally, if your brain is wired a similar but slightly different kind of way, you get to thinking, “Does life have any meaning?”  I’ve done a fair amount of both kinds of thinking.

There’s a quote that I like that helps me with it a little bit.  I think it’s from a “Ted Talk.”

Living in a generic reality that’s mediocre, there are nasty bits and nice bits and we could make the nice bits bigger and the nasty bits smaller and that gives us a kind of purpose in life.  The universe is absurd, but we can still construct a purpose, and that’s a pretty good one.  And the overall mediocrity of reality kind of resonates nicely with the mediocrity we all feel in the core of our being.  -Jim Holt, Why Does the Universe Exist .

He defines “generic reality.”  It’s deep, and whimsical, and simple all at the same time.

I’d encourage you to keep looking in this generic reality for your own definition of a meaning.

You can watch his talk here.

Part of my meaning is you guys.  A huge part.  It’s an honor to know you.



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