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Two things I love from Gibson

by Byron on February 13, 2017


One thing I love: You have a show that you like to watch called “Fresh Beat Band of Spies.”  It’s about a band of spies that doubles as an actual rock band always ready to drop fresh beats.  Whenever I ask you what you want to watch you say, “Rappy da Pies!  Rappy da Pies!”

Another thing I love: When I put you to bed, you put your hand through the slats on your big boy bed and I lay on the floor and we hold hands for a little bit while you’re falling asleep.  Lately, you have been doing with me what I’ve been doing with Decker for a year or more… when I leave your room at night while you’re falling asleep, I blow you kisses all the way down the hallway.  You do the same thing back to me from your bed.  “Muah! Muah! … Muah! Muah!… Muah! Muah!”

Love you,


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