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Getting Close!

by Byron on February 26, 2017


You guys are getting really close in the past few weeks.  You each always want to know where the other is and what he’s doing.  When you are apart, you miss each other.

Decker, last week, we found out that you got into McDonogh for Pre-K next year.  This is really exciting for us as a family and, especially, for you.  Gibby has been sad though because he will stay at Bryn Mawr for one more year.  Gibby, you said, “I want to go to McDonogh too!”  We said, it will have to wait a year.

I think a year apart will be great for all of us.  We are super close as a family and you guys are super close as brothers.  It’s awesome, don’t get me wrong.  But next year you guys each get to develop your relationships with Mom and I independently of each other and independently of both parents at the same time.  I think it’s a wonderful thing.  And it’s only for a year.  Decker will pave the way for Gibby and then you guys will come back together at McDonogh!  I’m very excited for both of you.

Decker, Gibson was sick this past Thursday night and got to stay home from school on Friday.  We took Gibson to urgent care on Thursday night to make sure he didn’t have the flu.  You stayed home with Mimi.  You told Mimi that you missed Gibson.  Then you told Mimi that you were sad, but you could look at his picture and you would be a little less sad.  Then you brought Mimi over and you two looked at Gibby’s picture for awhile while you waited for him to get home.  Such emotional intelligence!!  So proud of you!

I love you guys.


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