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Why Can’t I?

by Byron on February 8, 2017

Hey Guys-

Just a quick thought.  I think there’s two major ways of thinking when addressing problems, solutions, and goals.  There’s “why can’t I” and “why can I?”

Usually can’t isn’t really a good word in my world.  I don’t like to think I can’t.  I like to believe I can accomplish, can overcome, can solve.

Part of “can” thinking often involves asking, “Why can’t I?”  When something is unconventional, unusual, or pushes the boundary, many people will ask “Why Can I?”  But this is small thinking.  If we ask why can I, from whom are we seeking our permission?  Why is someone’s permission needed?  Generally, we take our order from the Golden Rule and, to a slightly lesser extent, from the laws of our society.  Beyond that, who is to say why not?  Why look for someone to say no?  Ask why can’t I, not why can I?

People have a more difficult time figuring out why can’t you than why can you.  Most things in life – especially the things worth having or being or doing or feeling – don’t have explicit permission attached.  But why can’t you?

I love you guys!


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