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So Much Poop

by Byron on January 28, 2013


Dude!  Whoa.  Daycare was a couple hours late this morning because of icy roads.  You and I hung out for a little while.  I gave you your bottle at 8am.  After that, you sort of dozed off while I did a little work on the couch.  Despite the early stages of teething, you looked pretty comfortable.  I got down close to you to say hello and wake you up.  I immediately smelled you had had a very successful nap!

I picked you up to change you.  Dude.  So Much Poop.  The poop was literally coming out of the top of your diaper.  In the front.  And the back.

The poop was creeping out the bottom and down the sides of your leg.  The poop was racing up your back like your neck was the finish line.  I felt like a firefighter.  Just contain it, then we can worry about going in for survivors.  So much poop, dude.  Seriously.

I went to work with the wipes.  It took about a dozen wipes.  Then I grabbed the blankets so I could flank the sides before it invaded the whole living room.  Three blankets, 12 wipes, two diapers, and fifteen squirts of hand sanitizer later, you were clean.  And then I found some caked poop in a hidden leg roll.

And then you were clean.  So much poop, Decker.  And you only weigh like 15 lbs.  Wow.

Love you,


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