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Two New Properties

by Byron on January 31, 2013

So many of my business ideas revolve around content.  I don’t know why.  Perhaps it was from learning seo in ’05.  I understood content marketing before the term had been coined.  Most good seo’s did.  My successes in content marketing have been in the reverse mortgage space, the online gaming space, and, near and dear to my heart, legal marketing.

I’ve done client work in legal marketing, with two exceptions.  The first exception is, what I hope will become my main property in the future.  The second exception is a site based around calculation of Maryland workers’ comp benefits.  The site has done exceedingly well, perhaps my biggest individual site success.  One of my new properties is based around a similar concept. calculates the value of accident claims – be it settlements or awards from trials.

My second new property is – a resource for families who think they might be impacted by cerebral palsy.  It will go in-depth into possible cerebral palsy causes, symptoms, early signs, and what to do if cerebral palsy is suspected.  It will also present other CP resources, including information about specific CP cases in the appellate courts throughout the country.


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