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My Favorite

by Byron on January 15, 2013


I just want you to know that you’re my favorite. My favorite kid, my favorite person, my favorite way to spend my time.

You are a really happy baby now, but you were my favorite before that. You were my favorite when you were a complete menace and you screamed at everything and you were seldom content.

The ladies at daycare all really love you. You laugh and smile and sometimes try to talk. You rolled over for mommy and I, from your front to your back. It’s early to be doing that. As much as I’d love a little prodigy, don’t worry too much about getting to where you’re going quick. We all want to get there fast. Sometimes we forget to figure out where there is, though.

And even though we’ve already started doing math, you can achieve at your own rate. You’ll be my favorite no matter what. (Math is still one finger plus one finger equals two fingers. You’ve taken to doing a discontented little whimper when I stop dancing for you so we can do math.)

It would be great, however, if you would sleep a little bit more. Right now you wake up every night at 1am to eat, then you wake up again at 4:30 and you’re up for at least an hour.

Of course, if I were you, my retort might be, “Then stop putting me to be at 7:30. Damn. I don’t even get to watch the Wheel of Fortune.”


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