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Best Business Idea of Week 2

by Byron on January 15, 2013

Continuing to look back at last year’s new business idea every single business day, I have my best business idea for week two.  (Biz ideas from January 2012)

My favorite business idea is 3D printing templates.  At some point soon, you will be able to print out a great deal of what you need.  You will literally be able to make it in your garage, basement, or kitchen.  The examples are numerous.  They include dishes, silverware, and other basic kitchen stuff, children’s toys, picture frames, home decorations, even chairs and tables.

In essence, the product will be the templates.  The materials will be a commodity and purchased by the barrel full.  Therefore, these templates will be sold.  However, like all information, they will want to be free.  Ranking well for the term “3D Printing Templates” will be enormous.

Shapeways is clearly a leader in the space.  USV is a backer.

As far as investing goes, there’s a public company pureplay in Stratasys.  There’s other big boys in the space like HP, but 3D is a long way from being relevant financially to a monster like them.

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