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by Byron on January 6, 2013

Dear Decker,

You started daycare last week.  The women who take care of you seem very nice.  The room is bright and colorful with a huge play area in the middle and cribs all around.

It was sad to leave you there at first, but you seemed at least as happy when we picked you up as you did when we dropped you off.  All in all, you’ve been incredibly happy thus far!  You rarely seem really displeased, and when you do, it seems to always be for good reason.  I’m proud of you.

You spent today with your cousins in Bethesda while daddy went to see Ray Lewis‘s last game at Ravens Stadium.  It’s too bad you didn’t get to see Ray play and too bad you didn’t get to see Cal, but you will have your own players.  The guys of your childhood will be different.  I’ll be there with you at all the games, assuming that’s your thing.  If not, we’ll do your thing too!

Time is starting to fly, even though you’re not even three months yet.



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