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Best Business Idea of Week 1

by Byron on January 6, 2013

Once per week I’m going to read the business ideas I posted during the corresponding week of last year.  My best business idea in week one of last year was, hands down, the app that maintains relationships for you.

This still doesn’t exist, that I’m aware of.  I kind of think of it as salesforce for your personal life.  Customer relationship management.  Friend relationship management.

If I had a pop-up reminder to call someone, text someone, or otherwise reach out to a friend I don’t keep in constant contact with, I would reach out more often.  This would be tremendously beneficial.  Facebook is helpful in this regard, but doesn’t quite do the trick.

In terms of that idea as a biz idea or moneymaker, I’m not sure how many would be willing to pay for it.  However, I can’t help thinking that filling a real customer need leads to revenue somehow.

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