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Business Idea #184 – The Digital Community Board

by Byron on September 20, 2012

The Problem:

There is no digital equivalent of the offline community board.  No place for realtors, plumbers, and struggling solo lawyers to put up a business card.  The kind of place where you see flyers with the little contact me things ripped off of the bottom.

The Business

A digital online community board.

Yes, I have heard of Craigslist.  Think Craigslist with images only.  Business Cards.


Craigslist.  The ultimate disrupter.  Disrupted?  Maybe.

This is very doable.

My Thoughts

Visually compelling is vital on the web these days.  I’m not sure if this idea could replace Craigslist.  It’s almost a ridiculous thing to say.  But the idea that Craigslist gets replaced by something more visually compelling is anything but ridiculous.

I was in Urban BBQ yesterday.  Looked at the Community Board.  Visually compelling.  A mosaic of small-time commerce.

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