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Business Idea #183 – An Inbound Marketing Company

by Byron on September 19, 2012

The Problem:

Not knowing you need good Internet marketing is no longer the problem.  The problem I have had is continually underestimating the size of the market.  Inbound digital marketing is still in its infancy.  Still.

The Business

An inbound marketing company serving my local market – the Baltimore Washington Corridor.


It’s very doable.  You simply need to have the knowledge.  But then, of course, you need all of the typical business infrastructure – a marketing and sales pipeline, a few employees with different skill sets, internal procedures and bookkeeping, and some more sales and marketing.

You need to have organic search, paid search, analytics, conversion, and content marketing all under one roof.

My Thoughts

I always wonder how seo companies who don’t rank at the top in their local market compete.  If you don’t own the top spot for your own business, how will you get the top spot for my business.  Of course, that’s not what the potential client says when they find you however they find you.

For instance, I would need to rank for terms like:

  • Baltimore SEO company
  • Washington SEO company
  • Baltimore Content marketing
  • Baltimore digital marketing consultant
  • Maryland digital marketing company
  • Etc.  (I haven’t actually done the keyword marketing.)

The only thing important from this post is how early it is in Internet marketing.  It’s the third inning.



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