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Business Idea #182 – Record a Call on Your IPhone

by Byron on September 18, 2012

The Problem:

I often would love to have a cellphone call recorded, but I don’t have a reliable IPhone app that can accomplish the goal for me.

The Business

An App that records calls.


This idea is not novel.  There are other apps out there, but none have all of the necessary features.

My Thoughts

I need to be able to catalouge all calls that have been recorded.  I need to be able to get them transcribed.  I need to be able to send the call and/or the transcription to the other party for verification.  I need to know what one and two party consent calls can and can’t be used for.  I might need to incorporate the functionality into my case management system or my customer relationship management system.

If you build this app, I’d love it if you could incorporate everything I’m looking for in an app that records calls.

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