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Business Idea #181 – Live Help Based on Visitor’s Search Term

by Byron on September 17, 2012

The Problem:

In reviewing the search terms that bring visitors to my websites, I often say, “My site has the answer.  I could’ve helped.  They should’ve called.”  But something intervened, and they didn’t call.  Perhaps they got the answer from my site, if the exact answer was there.  Perhaps, however, they didn’t get the answer because context was lacking, or the question was simply too complicated.

The Business

Maybe the website had a live help function for lawyer websites.  What if that live help function simply said, “Need help with {SEARCH TERM}”?  I think it would convert infinitely better.  That is the business.


The missing link is the patch that allows the website to know what search term was used to find the site.  That can be sold as the business or a more complete solution can be sold.

My Thoughts

The problem is rampant, especially for lawyers.  This is simply a tool to improve law firm websites’ conversion rates.




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