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Business Idea #185 – Hyperlocal Small-Time Venture Investing

by Byron on September 21, 2012

The Problem:

If I want to start my first restaurant or open a dental practice right out of school accessing equity capital is incredibly tough or impossible.

The Business

AngelList for tiny businesses.

At the end of the day, AngelList hooks up one company and one investor.  This does the same thing.  The only difference is companies on “nickel and dimer AngelList” probably only need one accredited investor.


Very doable.  Just copy AngelList.  As far as how to make it spread … lawyers.  Go to the advisors to tiny businesses and the advisors to accredited investors and make them aware of the platform.

My Thoughts

The need for this is tremendous.  It happens every day, it just doesn’t happen in one place.  Fred Wilson of AVC talks about this concept with a certain regularity.  A great blog.


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