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Business Idea #178 – Get Paid to Get a Tatoo

by Byron on September 12, 2012

The Problem:

Marketing and sales is a tough business.  The Internet and social media and the high cost of “traditional” advertising make much successful marketing “viral marketing.”  Yet viral marketing is hard to duplicate.

The Business

Be a tattoo exchange.  Be the hub where businesses pay people to get logos, messages, brands, etc. tattooed onto themselves.  Anyone who wants to get paid can come to the site and anyone who wants to pay can come.


I think, if there is a market for this, you will find it quickly.  The site isn’t tough to build and this is the kind of idea that spreads very quickly.  That makes this is a very doable idea.  However, the quality of the business concept and general demand can certainly be called into question.

My Thoughts

In addition to thinking about business ideas as the solution to a problem, I think it’s important to think of business ideas from a standpoint of what spreads.  This idea spreads.  I’m just not sure it solves a problem.

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