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Business Idea #177 – Improve the IRS’s Collection Rates

by Byron on September 11, 2012

The Problem:

The Internal Revenue Service doesn’t collect anywhere near what it could or should in personal and small business income tax.  Tax fraud/evasion/avoidance is the problem.

The Business

An investigative service for the IRS.  It only stands to reason that better enforcement leads to better collection.  The business could operate on a contingency model.  It could have different divisions that specialize in different things.  This allows collectors to go deep into an area – be it specific law, code section, tax avoidance method, etc.


Getting the IRS on board sounds like a nightmare.  Proving the business model sounds incredibly difficult as well.  This idea is very difficult.

My Thoughts

The problem is real.  A solution to the problem is worth a fortune.  Of course the business is difficult to conceptualize.  Risk.  And reward.



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