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Business Idea #179 – Live Help for Lawyer Websites

by Byron on September 13, 2012

The Problem:

People come to lawyer websites with questions.  They seek an answer from  the site without having to talk to anyone.  Most cannot, but they’re gone.

The Business

Live help geared specifically towards lawyer websites.  You can advertise that a lawyer is assisting.  “Live Help from a Lawyer!”  Use a lawyer licensed in each state for help from that particular state.  Nothing else is different.  The “lawyer” should still not actually dispense legal advice.


You need to build or license the technology, then sell it to lawyers.  It’s very doable.  The question is … can you get the pricing and service model right.  My guess is yes.

My Thoughts

Maybe someday our country will go back to really producing things and there won’t be a bazillion lawyers with a bazillion law students waiting in the wings.  That day is not today.  There is a surplus of lawyers.  Exploit it.  These customer service representatives lawyers can be gotten for $10/hour.




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