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Business Idea #142 – Open a Gun Store

by Byron on July 23, 2012

The Problem:

People do not realize how much demand there is for guns.  In 2011, Americans bought 10.8 million guns.  Selling guns is a recession proof business.

The Business

Sell guns.


Without having any idea, I’m guessing it’s both sometimes impossibly difficult and sometimes far too easy to sell guns legally.

My Thoughts

I live an existence in which I must practice acceptance, or risk serious problems to my health.  With that backdrop, I often wonder how to accept completely unacceptable things.  I don’t mean unacceptable like a little kids behavior, I mean unacceptable like “How is it that God accepts that behavior in his (or her or its) world?”  I mean the kind of unacceptable that forces you to, for a moment, question the mere existence of God.  The events in Aurora, CO on Friday are that kind of unacceptable.

And I know the web doesn’t need one more person talking about Colorado, and it certainly doesn’t need one more person talking about guns or gun laws, but I can’t help it.  I think gun ownership should be made public.  I think there should be no more restrictions about owning a gun than there are now, but I think it should all be public.

With that statement, I probably manage to upset both pro-gun and anti-gun.  When neither side is happy, you’re getting to a good resolution.

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