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Business Idea #143 – A Two-Party Agreement Website

by Byron on July 24, 2012

The Problem:

When people come to a mutual understanding, it often needs to be written down.  Formally, it’s a contract.  Informally, there’s no neutral place to memorialize.

The Business

A website that stores an agreement.  It’s nothing more than a wiki.  It emails to confirm that’s what is agreed to.  It’s not necessarily binding, but it is a written record.

On one hand, an agreement between friends.  On the other, a behavior or chores understanding for a kid.  Any agreement that should be noted without being notarized or otherwise formally documented.


The technology is so simple as to be boring.  This is certainly a business idea that’s easy to start.

I also think it’s the kind of thing that catches because of the novelty.

My Thoughts

I thought something had been decided.  My wife thought it hadn’t.  Enough said.

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