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Business Idea #141 – Domain Buyers for Trademarked Domains

by Byron on July 20, 2012

The Problem:

There are plenty of domain brokers.  There are plenty of trademark lawyers who know how to write a cease and desist.  Very few do both.

The Business

A firm that gets your domains back for you.

Domain brokerage requires a unique understanding domain values, large domain holders, general willingness to sell vs. hold, whois, private registration, and various other knowledge of the marketplace.

Being a domain seeking trademark lawyer requires a knowledge of trademark and domain name laws.

The only way to really be effective for clients is to be both.  I’ve yet to see this service.


You need to be a lawyer, but paralegals could do most of the work.  You need a process.  Creation of the process requires the knowledge of which I speak.  The process involves equal parts brokerage knowledge and legal knowledge.  Deviation from the process is more brokerage knowledge, but still involves vital legal knowledge.

If you have the right knowledge and the right credentials (a law degree), this business is easy to start.

My Thoughts

I have observed, on a number of occasions, how bringing together these two skill sets would benefit domain acquirers.


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