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Business Idea #136 – Blow Your Mind Experiences and Vacations

by Byron on July 13, 2012

The Problem:

There aren’t enough mind blowing experiences.  It’s because people always know what they are signing-up for.  Part of getting your mind blown is not knowing.

The Business

Mind blowing vacations and experiences.  You sign-up.  You let the rest happen.  You have no idea what the experience is going to be.

On some level, this begs the question, “What really blows the mind?”  In turn, on some level, that begs the question, “What is Life Really About?”

I think these experiences would always need to involve overcoming fear, feeling really small, and feeling really connected.  The experiences also need to involve something that usually can’t just be bought.

If you could offer that to people, not only could you charge a lot, you might get regarded as a saint.


The idea I have in my mind is ultra high end.  $100K for a week long trip.

If you can find the customers, and spiritual and creative employees/trip planners/guides, the idea is very doable.  Money solves a lot of problems.  Spirituality+creativity solves a lot of problems.  Combined, they solve most problems.

My Thoughts

I watched The Game last night.  Hence, my inspiration.


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