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Business Idea #137 – Make Software for Touch Enabled Screens

by Byron on July 16, 2012

The Problem:

Computing and interface screens are going to have capabilities beyond what most people can imagine.  But most software does not account for the new capabilities.

The Business

A firm dedicated to moving traditional software apps to touch screen enabled.

This is, of course, happening with apps already.  But that’s for small screen devices.  I’m talking large touch screen displays.


This is not really a business where you acquire the skills to match the business idea, it’s the other way around.  If you have these skills or know what I’m talking about, you begin to focus on this stuff now, positioning yourself for the not too distant future.  It’s doable for those who can already do it.

If you’re in school, focusing solely on touch screen displays is not a bad way to go.

My Thoughts

I just watched Corning‘s day of glass youtube piece.  Impressive stuff.

(It was forwarded in an email that talked about the “end of the computer.”  You rarely see so much computing happening in such a short period of time.  You just don’t see the big computer box anywhere.)

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