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Business Idea #135 – Reality TV Network

by Byron on July 12, 2012

The Problem:

TV viewers seem to have an insatiable appetite for reality TV.  We can’t get enough.  But programming is relatively limited.  Reality TV junkies need more!

The Business

A television network only showing reality TV.  It can start with reruns and, perhaps, move on to it’s own branded shows.

Reality TV is so cheap to produce, the network might even be able to air quasi user submitted content, thereby blurring the lines between TV, reality TV, and YouTube.


This isn’t my first idea for a television network.  Pregnancy TV network was less than six weeks ago.  I’ve also had ideas for TV shows here and here.  As I said then, I have no idea how this works.

Television – at least as it exists now – seems like an insiders game to me.  Maybe I’m wrong and just showing my ignorance, but I don’t think I would pursue a idea related to a television network.  A show would be doable, a network would not.  If you had the help or partnership of a television insider, I think you have a goldmine.  Doableness here starts with connections.

My Thoughts

I don’t even watch reality television.  I hardly watch TV.  However, as Big Brother is about to make its return and I see how much my wife and some friends anticipate various reality shows, I can’t help but think there should be a reality TV network.  People will watch reality tv reruns.

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