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Business Idea #131 – Tablet Menus with Photos

by Byron on July 6, 2012

The Problem:

My wife  wants to see a detailed picture of a menu item before she orders.  The vast majority of current restaurants don’t provide for this.

The Business

An app that has the digital menu, plus pictures of the dishes.  My wife encouraged me to add: “But it has to be the REAL picture.  Too much sauce, too many fries, it doesn’t work.  It has to look exactly how it’s going to look.”

Based on some simple searching, I think there are others out there doing tablet menus.  However, until they’re everywhere, you have a good business opportunity.


This is why good engineers and good UX designers make so much money.  The marketing is the product, and, in this case, the product is nothing more than UX – both front-end and back-end.  The chefs/restaurant people need good back-ends so the menus are easy to use and easy to update.  The diner needs a good front-end so they know what they’re eating.

My Thoughts

I think eventually there will be cheap, thin, menu sized tablet for this very thing.  A tablet as we know a tablet now is a little bulky for these purposes.

There are restaurants out there doing their own apps.  Anytime you have a piecemeal situation like this, with a larger need, you have an excellent application.

Some restauranteur somewhere is designing this, about to leave the restaurant business, and about to make a fortune in the software business.



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