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Business Idea #132 – Open in an Emergency

by Byron on July 9, 2012

The Problem:

It’s difficult to find out what services are open in the event of an emergency.  Storms, tornados, natural disasters, and the like leave residents clueless.

The Business

A website that tells you what is open in the event of any kind of emergency.


The tough part is getting the word out to businesses.  A business that is open in the event of an emergency is either dealing with a lot of customers, dealing with limited resources, or both.  Either way, they don’t have time to get the word out.

Therefore, it probably needs to spread virally.

My Thoughts

In the recent mid-Atlantic storms, I was amazed by how resilient the Internet was.  Power was out everywhere and numerous businesses were closed, but the Internet was good to go.  Twitter and Facebook were somewhat useful in determining businesses that were open.  However, it would have been great to have a list, all in one place, of every business that was open and serving customers.


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