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Business Idea #130 – Digital Asset Brokers

by Byron on July 5, 2012

The Problem:

Digital assets – domain names, blogs, content, software, code, accounts, etc. – owned by individuals will not be properly monetized by decedent’s estates when the owners die.  I’m not talking about digital assets so valuable they have numerous suitors willing to pay millions.  I’m also not talking about digital assets so cheap they are more or less worthless.  I mean assets in the middle.

The Business

Digital Asset Brokers

The services can be marketed to estate lawyers.


Very Doable.  You just need to be engaged in the space.  There are plenty of competitors, just no one, that I know of, focusing their marketing, more or less, solely to estate lawyers.

My Thoughts

Two businesses can be the same or very similar businesses, but if they have completely different marketing strategies, are they really the same?

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