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Business Idea #117 – Senior Drivers’ School and Testing

by Byron on June 15, 2012

The Problem:

Senior driving is going to be an epidemic.  There is no formal and effective testing process for seniors to keep or lose their driver licenses.  I have written about the senior driving epidemic before.  I still believe it will be a problem of epidemic proportions.  I think, eventually, states will be forced to legislate to solve the issue.

The Business

Driving school for seniors.

Using a combination of performance testing and in car monitoring, seniors can have their driving assessed.  It will not necessarily be definitive or enforceable legally speaking.  Motor vehicle departments’ are backed up with incoming drivers and renewals.  They will not immediately be able to address the problem.  However, once the problem is assessed, public entities will turn to the private market, same as they do currently with brand new drivers.


In the short term, your client is the senior citizen’s children.  They are the ones who are discouraging driving, getting into fights with their folks, or hiding the keys.  They don’t have an easy situation.  Senior drivers’ schools solve their problems.

It’s doable.  You need to create your procedure for your “course.”

My Thoughts

I read a story about a sixty year old “kid” who had to repeatedly hide keys from his ninety-year old father.  When the Dad did get his hands on the keys, there were repeated problems on the road.  This is a widespread problem that needs solving.  A widespread problem needing solving is a successful business waiting to happen.

There are senior driving schools popping up.  They are on the forefront of the trend.  From a little bit of googling, it appears some states have begun looking at the issue as well.

PS:  I had to use the same picture as my previous senior driving problem post.  I love it!

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