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Business Idea #118 – Wikipedia of Legal Information

by Byron on June 18, 2012

The Problem:

Lawyers who publish legal information on their website need a way to promote it.  Consumers need a way to vet the information for usefulness …

The Business

Lawyer content submission service.  Lawyers pay to have content read.  If it’s good, it’s featured.  If it’s featured, Google likes it.  If Google likes it, the lawyer gets higher ratings and more clients.


Their would need to be clout with google and the web at large in order to charge for submission, editing, and critaque.  But clout only comes with having done it successfully for some time.  Therefore, you are forced to either do it for free for quite a while, or, more preferably, fake it til you make.  Sell it like it will work and keep at it until it one day does.

My Thoughts

Hand collated content – human editors – is going to become increasingly important for consumers and Google alike.  Businesses on the web put out a lot of shit.  And lawyers, especially plaintiffs’ lawyers, put out huge volumes of this shit.  Even when it’s good it’s out of context or just gets no attention.  That’s a problem for everyone.

Part of what makes Wikipedia great is the fact that it’s hand edited.

Maybe the Wikipedia of legal terms and information is necessary.


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