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Business Idea #116 – Immediate Child Care Anytime

by Byron on June 14, 2012

The Problem:

Finding reliable, reputable child care on a moment’s notice is nearly impossible and, at this point in time, neither scalable nor widely available.

The Business

A franchisable child drop-in center that has immediate care, is perfectly safe, has wonderful staff, and uses modern technology enabling parents to monitor their kids at all times.


You have to find the right space, the right area, the right staff, and the right branding. If any one of these elements is off, it easily sinks the entire operation.

My Thoughts

I’ve run this idea by parents before. “I would NEVER leave my kids at a place like that.”

“You can’t just leave your kids at strange places like that. The kids need time to get comfortable with new people.”

“I can’t imagine ever feeling comfortable with a place like that.”

I haven’t been a parent yet, though my wife and I are well on the way. Therefore, I can’t speak to how I will feel about a place like this from a parent (prospective customer) standpoint.

What I do know…I’m not the first to identify this problem. The “No way” attitude is what keeps centers like these from being ubiquitous. Someday that wall will come down.

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