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Biz Idea #53 – An Automated InfoGraphic Maker

by Byron on March 16, 2012

The Problem:

Infographics are a huge part of the new visual Internet.  But there aren’t enough tools for complete laypeople to conceive, make and share excellent infographics.

The Business

An automated infographic maker.  For people who cannot use photoshop or any other sort of design software.  For people who think adobe only makes PDF’s.


On some level, I think we’re talking relatively simple.  The user puts in a few facts and figures and they get a few templates to choose from and voila, here’s your infographic.

But infographics aren’t that simple, of course.  They are incredibly nuanced, and, often, the uniqueness is what makes for a great visual representation of information.  That’s what makes this idea hard.  You need to build in enough options so many different infographic styles are possible.

For these reasons, this product actually lends itself perfectly to a freemium model, with very high upgrade rates.

My Thoughts

As usual, I started with a problem I have.  I want to be able to make an infographic without a steep learning curve.  I looked for tools, and couldn’t find satisfactory ones.  If I’m missing them, please let me know.

It also got me thinking, my future children are probably going to know how to digitally design and code.  That’s a good thing.  (Maybe they can make me infographics.)

If you don’t know what infographics are, or haven’t witnessed their power, try here or here or here.

Today, I was going to write about my billion dollar idea (trillion dollar idea?) to destroy email.  But I’ll save that for next week.

Update:  Check Out DesignShack on Infographic Making Tools

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Erin April 12, 2012 at 3:05 pm

I think that would be perfect. I’m testing right now but it currently only uses social media. I’m a teacher looking to engage my students without the design knowledge. In fact, my goal is to have my students design an infographic based on content and/or research.

TheEstimator April 13, 2012 at 12:07 pm

A forward thinking teacher, Erin. That’s great. I think might be on to something. Time will tell. All the best to you.

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