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Biz Idea #54 – Pet Urine Detection for New Homeowners

by Byron on March 19, 2012

The Problem:

When purchasing a house, there is no way to tell if a pet has used all or part of the house as their personal bathroom.  The homeowner may be covering up odors.

The Business

Market a test to potential homeowners and inspection companies that analyzes carpet for pet urine.


There is already a test to determine various aspects of what is contained inside animal urine.  The purpose is testing for disease, health, etc.  If that exists, it is a logical leap to get to a test that can tell you, by sampling carpet fibers, whether dog urine is present.  Ideally, it would look a little like a petri dish and the addition of water would produce color if urine is detected, no urine if it isn’t.

If you can get past the science, this is very doable.  Your market is easily identifiable.  The demand is there.

My Thoughts

How do I know there is demand for this product ?  My new home office stinks.  As usual, the business is born of personal need.

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