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Biz Idea #52 – Audio Visual Thank You Notes

by Byron on March 15, 2012

The Problem:

Writing thank you notes is very time consuming.  Furthermore, especially if there are a lot, the content can get a little bland, impersonal and formulaic.

The Business

Audio and/or video thank-you notes.

You upload via an app, a website, skype, etc.  You send the message to the recipient.  The recipient hears it and/or sees it.  The recipient is delighted.


The engineering is complicated, at least when compared to the simplicity of the idea and the concept.  It almost seems a little silly.  Why not just call?  Email?  Text?  Tweet?

Each method of communication isn’t perfect for the modern thank you note.  Each method, of course, besides the audio visual thank you note, delivered digitally.

My Thoughts

What are we going to do for thank you notes when the US mail is no longer?

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