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Wat Dat Guy Doin?

by Byron on September 30, 2016


One of my favorite things you say right now is “Wat dat guy doin?”  You call everyone “dat guy.”  Male.  Female.  Person.  Dog.  Frog.  Anyone or anything.  Dat guy.

Deck- you’re all-in on paw patrol right now.  Everything should be paw patrol.  Birthday cake.  Nightlight.  Shoes.  T-shirts.  PJs.  You name it.  Paw Patrol.

You have both gotten incredibly sweet lately.  Its awesome.  Gibby, you always say please and thank you, not even just when asking for things you want.  Sometimes Mom does the littlest things for you and you say, “Thank you Mommy!”  You say it loud and proud.  You do it because you are genuinely gratefully too, not just for the admiration we give you.  It’s awesome.  Decker, this morning, you went into Gibby’s room to say good morning and keep Gibson company.  Gibby said, “No, I want Mommy.”  You said, “But Mommy’s getting dressed Gibby.  She’ll be in soon.  I’ll stay with you until she comes in.”  You always look out for your little bro.

I love you guys tons!



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