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4 Years Old

by Byron on October 27, 2016


This past Sunday, you turned 4 years old.  Time always “flies” when you look at it in the rearview.  How can you possibly spend a second looking back and not think it all came and went in a blink?

That’s why you have to be present.  Time doesn’t fly in the moment.  It moves along as steady as anything that has ever been.  It can feel unrelenting or unending, but it’s steady.  Moments must be captured as best you can.  Days must be lived as best you can.  It always went by in a blink when you try to look back on it.

Your first four years went by in a blink.  But God we did so much.  We started two new schools.  We had at least 20 different teachers who have shaped you in some way.  We went to California twice.  We went to Florida twice.  We went to Bethany Beach at least three times.

We went to the hospital a couple of times.  You got to ride in an ambulance once.  We have celebrated many friends birthday parties.  You rode in a firetruck once.  You’ve made bunches of friends.  You’ve had friends move away already.

You got to be there when your baby brother was born.  You have learned to be so kind to him.

You got a big boy bed.  Then you got an even bigger boy bed.

You were a lion for your first Halloween.  And when you were three you were Sully from Monsters, Inc. (Gibby was Mike)  And I already forgot what you were when you were two.  Next week you will be Marshall from your beloved Paw Patrol.

You’ve learned to gather your emotions.  You’ve gotten so, so excited too many times to possible count.  You discovered you like throwing pennies in the fountain, and riding escalators, and pushing elevator buttons.

You’ve had great cousins – Jocie and Erin and Ezra and Eliana.  You’ve taken tennis lessons.  You went rock climbing.  You like trampolines a lot.  You’re learning how to hit a baseball and play ping-pong.  You’ve taken so many classes at Coppermine Gym, but we haven’t been there in quite awhile.

We ask questions every night before you go to bed.  Lately, you’ve started asking me questions too.

You’ve spent countless hours with all four of your grandparents.  You’ve probably been out to eat 500 times or something crazy.

Lately, you have been asking things and doing things that are reinforcing how we think you have a special level of intelligence.  Tonight, you told Gibson that he went to the wrong car in the parking circle when I picked you up.  When I asked you how you knew (the other car was similar) you said because the license plate wasn’t right.  Wowzer.  The other day, you asked me who made the shows you like to watch.  You’re learning your letters and trying to read.

Most importantly, in just four short years, you have learned a tremendous amount of compassion.  And my God is that important.  You are a good soul.  I’m honored to get to spend so much time with you.  I love you.  Happy Birthday!



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