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First Sickness

by Byron on February 14, 2013

Hey Deck,

You got sick for the first time this past weekend.  At one point, you had a 103.6 fever.  I didn’t know shit about little kids fevers.  I was very concerned, momentarily, that brain damage was on the horizon.  The pediatrician, your Aunt Hillary, and then two other pediatricians all told us your fever was completely normal.  It meant your body was doing its thing – kicking that infection out.  See ya.  Nice work buddy.  No more infection.  No brain damage.

One thing I couldn’t help notice … you didn’t complain hardly at all.  Not much crying.  You didn’t sleep great, and you got upset at one point that you were flemmy, but, other than that, you’d barely even know you were sick.  You were still smiling, still happy.  You’re a trooper.

Adults should take a lesson from babies.  It seems like, if you are like most babies, there isn’t a lot of bullshit.  You complain when there’s something to complain about and you don’t when there isn’t.  No horseshit about how hard life is and how much you need a break and how it’s all just so overwhelming.  (By the way, sometimes it is super hard and overwhelming and sometimes you do need a break.  It’s ok.  But it’s nothing you really need to complain about.)

Much admiration on your first sickness.  You’re a champ.  Love you!


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Mark February 17, 2013 at 8:04 am

Well done Decker!
Thanks Byron for your posts, your blog is one of few that I try to visit at least once a week [but h0pefully more often].
Still hope that you can reach 365 business ideas one day.
Speedy Recover to Deck and Best Wishes Warnken Family!



Byron April 9, 2013 at 10:24 pm

Thanks Mark!

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