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Reflecting and Living

by Byron on April 9, 2013

Dear Decker,

It’s been nearly two months since I’ve written to you.  I was so busy living I didn’t do any reflecting.  That’s a dangerous spot to be in for too long.

You’re getting so big.  You’re sleeping through the night (mostly), as of about three weeks ago.  You are sweet.  You are kind.  People are drawn to you.  I’m not sure if it’s just because your teachers want to make me feel good, but they tell me all the time how other kids are drawn to you.  The older kids come to say hello to you.  “Who is that bald baby?” they say.

Your mom and I are really starting to like being parents.  It’s not that we didn’t early on, it’s just that being a parent is so different than not being a parent.  It’s like no line I’ve ever crossed before.  Before you I did what I wanted when I wanted.  Now you come first.  I like it better this way, but it was a hell of a shock at first.

Working and keeping a house and taking care of you and taking care of me and being with Mom is so time consuming.  That’s why I’ve not been writing as much.  You’ve been playing with a big, bouncy purple ball.  You’re able to put your hands on it when I roll it to you.  You can hold it, too.  I can’t wait until we can have a catch.  I really hope you like baseball.  You went to your first baseball game yesterday.  You and I and Mom and Grandpa went.  It was a beautiful day.  We sat right in front of Manny Machado’s relatives.  You spent a part of the game watching them instead of the game.  I wonder if Manny is going to be your Cal Ripken.

If you don’t like sports or baseball or the Orioles, that’s fine too.  Whatever you’re into is cool by me.  I’ll show you what I’m into and you can decide for yourself.

Sorry I went so long without writing.  I’ll try to do a better job.



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