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Joe Biden and Swim Lessons

by Byron on April 17, 2013

Dear Decker,

I saw Joe Biden speak last night.  It was the opening of University of Baltimore’s new law school building.  There is a prominent room in the building which bears your grandfather’s name.  It’s rare to have something named for you while you’re still alive, at least not without giving tons of money.  The inscription outside the room says “In Honor of…”  You should be proud of your grandfather.  In a room full of great men and women and still other “great” men and women, your grandfather had probably directly helped more other people in that room than anyone else.  Help here being defined as a function of time given.

The University of Baltimore is where I went to law school.  It’s also where your grandmother and grandfather went.  I think I felt pressure to follow in my parent’s footsteps.  I don’t want you to feel that pressure.  You don’t ever need to follow in my footsteps.  At the same time, you’re always welcome to if you would like.  Whatever suits you.

On Monday there was a bombing in Boston.  A terrible incident.  Stories of the horrific Newtown shooting were remembered by Biden.  The VP lobbied for gun legislation and immigration reform in his speech.

Tonight is your first swim lesson.  Mom and I are excited.  We’re going to Florida in two months.  We want to get you used to the water.



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