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Business Idea #140 – Wireless Charging Stands for Public Facilities

by Byron on July 19, 2012

The Problem:

Wireless charging (of mostly your smartphone) is coming soon to an everywhere near you.  People do not understand the implications and aren’t poised to profit.

The Business

Wireless charging stands for public places.

They might sit next to a bench.  They might be incorporated into a table.  They might be in changing rooms.  They might be anywhere you are for more than a moment.  But they will be somewhere.

A company is needed to design and sell these things.


There’s a lot to this, as there is with almost all businesses.  You must understand the technology and how it fits into everyday life.  Then you must be able to get from concept to distribution.

And this all needs to happen before batteries make this technology obsolete.

My Thoughts

I constantly struggle with how long something needs to remain in a sweet spot in order for it to be a good idea.  If it will be obsolete in 20 years, you can do it.  If it’s obsolete in 2, you can’t (or shouldn’t).  Something like this idea?  Who knows?

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