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Business Idea #139 – A Bing Only PPC Company

by Byron on July 18, 2012

The Problem:

Many businesses see Pay-Per-Click management companies as a commodity.  They are not.  However, the perception leads to a difficult marketplace in which to stand out.

The Business

A Bing Only PPC company.

A company specializing in Bing and AdCenter PPC will do well in the years to come.  The current discussion on many sophisticated SEO forums and blogs is about the quality of Bing.  It’s increasing.  In theory, heightened quality should lead to increased usage.  Increased usage should lead to more advertiser and, therefore, more business for those serving the advertisers.


If you are an expert in pay per click marketing, and are willing to dedicate yourself to the Bing corner of the world, this idea is very doable.  If you aren’t, you would need to get to that point for success with this idea.

My Thoughts

The only thing unique about this business idea is the marketing.  You may know Adwords as well as you know AdCenter (Bing’s version of Adwords), but marketing yourself as Bing only will make you stand out.

A lot of folks get worried by narrowing yourself.  “If I say I only do this, then I will lose out on business for that.”

It’s true.  But we live in a world of hyperspecialization.  Unless you have a top brand name, you need to have very specialized knowledge in order to compete.

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