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Biz Idea #64 – Kids Learning Search

by Byron on April 2, 2012

The Problem:

Kinds still learn under the old model, where information has value.  We teach kids information.  We do not teach kids how to search for information.

Learning tools for kids is not new.  Learning tools relating to how to search is new.

The Business

A learning series for kids – from infant to high school – that teaches kids how to find information.  It teaches kids to think of how and where to find information first, instead of trying to think of the “answer.”

I don’t just mean, here’s Google, go at it.   We take for granted that Google is what it is.  We don’t realize how much thinking we need to do to make Google work properly.  It’s possible that constructing the perfect Google query the ultimate skill.

People occupy so much of their brains with things they have no need to know.  Imagine if this space was unoccupied.  Would you be stupid?  Or would you be a genius?


Flashcards, books, interactive games, etc.  Make them, find people to buy them, sell them, make a profit.  That part is fairly easy.

The tough part is the science behind what to put into this learning course.

My Thoughts

This is timely.  People are learning that information is meaningless.  Finding information is incredibly valuable.  Apple and Google are both top five companies in market cap.  The growth of both over the last 10 years is immense.  I would argue that both have grown to be that size by giving people access to information.  It’s easy to see that with Google, not quite as easy with Apple.  But that’s a post for another day.

Access to information is becoming incredibly lucrative.  The next wave will be in generating information about things that were previously uninformationable, or in applying information at the right time, or in relating seemingly unrelated pieces of information.

We still teach people stuff.  We should be teaching how to find stuff.

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