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Biz Idea #63 – Affiliate Marketing for Concierge Doctors

by Byron on March 30, 2012

The Problem:

Many doctors are switching to “concierge medicine,” but most people don’t know what that means.  An inefficient market leaves the opportunity to educate and refer.

The Business

Use multiple marketing channels to find concierge doctors for people.  Charge the docs for the leads.


At its core, it’s affiliate marketing.  Find someone a customer or a lead, get paid for it.  You know, like regular advertising, except someone is actually accountable.  Some call it cost per action, others call it revenue sharing.  It’s the future.  (It’s also the recent past.)

The affiliate marketing aspect is easy.  Getting people to embrace concierge docs and, more importantly, embrace finding concierge docs via a commercial or a website is more difficult.

Formerly, no one thought you would find education through a call-in number at two in the morning because a girl in her pajamas on your tv told you that’s how she did it.  But that commercial happened and some company made a ton of money selling education leads.

My Thoughts

My notes on this idea said only “compete with and”  These are essentially networks of concierge doctors.  They are not too dissimilar from this idea.

There are people who do stuff and people who expose other people to stuff.  Seems to me like the most successful are doers who hired good exposers.

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