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Biz Idea #65 – iStock for InfoGraphics

by Byron on April 3, 2012

The Problem:

There is no centralized hub to browse and purchase infographics.  There is no infographics showcase, with the ability to instantly purchase.  There needs to be.

The Business

iStockphoto for Infographics.  You can search, buy and download, right on the spot.


The technology is tough, but not mind blowing.  (iStock has an extremely underrated search feature, that is a big part of their success.)

Judging by the search traffic coming from my first infographics related post, I don’t think demand to purchase or license infographics will be too hard to find.

I think your real difficulty is getting the product.  Will quality infographics producers put up their wares in hopes istockinfographic gets to scale?  There’s only one way to find out.

My Thoughts

I love infographics.  I would like infographics to use, without having to “commission” them.  My previous post about the automated infographics maker stemmed from the same problem this post does.  Where can I get infographics?  I know it’s a real problem when all I want is a solution, instead of credit for how smart I am for having verbalized the problem.  (And yes, same problem, same picture.)


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