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Biz Idea # 66 – An Analysis of your Twitterfeed

by Byron on April 4, 2012

The Problem:

If you are an active twitter user, you put out a lot of random content.  You aren’t aware of the existing correlations in the content.

The Business

An Analysis of your Twitterfeed.

The application should look for about 100 correlations.  Some are easy and obvious.  Who are you talking to the most?  Who are you talking about the most?  What are your most commonly linked to websites/blogs?  What hashtags are used most often?

Some correlations to search for are less obvious.  What are the five most commonly used words? What time of day do you most commonly tweet?  What days of the week?  When are you most likely to get responses?

Some correlations are even less obvious.  When do you use happy words?  When do you use sad words?  Are you using more happy or sad words lately?

I think you will need to look for 100 or so different things.  Though this is completely automated, and everything is technical, some pieces of data that come back will feel more technical in nature, some will feel more emotional in nature.  There should be both.


If Twitter Counter, TweetStats, and Twitteraholic all exist, the technology behind this is doable.

This is the kind of thing that can spread like wildfire.

My Thoughts

We all just want to know who we are.  We think and do and say and react and interact.  Most of it is done without too much thought — even the thinking.  A tool that allow us to step back and know who we are is invaluable.  This tool may not be the savior of mankind, but it does provide unique perspective.


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